So you’re ready to learn how to drive. Congratulations! Learning how to drive can be a bit intimidating, but it can also open up a whole new world to you. No more having to depend on public transit or asking others for a ride – you now have the freedom to go where you want when you want.

But in order to make sure you learn how to drive with confidence, it’s important to pick the right driving school. These are our top tips to help you find the driving school that’s right for you:

  1. Find a driving school that offers you the flexibility you need.
  2. Look for a driving school with strong reviews.
  3. Check if they offer driving lessons in a car similar to the one you will use.
  4. See if the driving school has formal approval.
  5. Find a driving school that doesn’t rush you through the process.
  6. See if completing the driving school will get you a discount on your car insurance.
  7. Visit the driving school in person.

Find A Driving School That Offers You The Flexibility You Need

One of the first things you need to find out when selecting a driving school is if they can work with your schedule.

For the in-class portion of driving school, find out when it’s offered. Can you take classes during the evening or on a weekend? Do they have an “on-demand” online option? Perhaps you’d prefer a solid one-week class in the summer or over March Break if you’re a student.

Your driving school should also offer flexibility when it comes to practicing your driving. You’re paying the driving school, so they should work around your schedule, and not vice versa.

Look For a Driving School with Strong Reviews

Another thing you need to consider when picking a driving school is that it has a good reputation. Ask friends and family members if there’s a driving school they’d recommend. The more recently someone has attended a driving school, the more accurate their recommendation will be.

And don’t forget other options like Yelp or Google Reviews. Both of these are great options for finding out what customers think of the driving schools in your area.

Check if the Driving School Offers Lessons In a Car Similar to The One You Will Use

You don’t want to show up for your first in-car lesson only to find out that you’ll be learning to drive on a completely different type and size of vehicle than the one you’ll use when you’ve passed your driver’s test.

Ask the driving school what kind of cars they have in their fleet. The driving school should tell you if you can learn how to drive on a vehicle similar to your own.

See If The Driving School Has Formal Approval

While driving schools are not necessarily required to have approval from their provincial or territorial government, government approval can be a good sign that they are more likely to follow the correct procedures and protocols.

Another option is to see if other organizations, such as CAA endorse the driving school.

Find A Driving School That Doesn’t Rush You Through the Process

Learning to drive is not a process that can be rushed. You don’t want to enroll in a driving school that will push you through your in-class and in-car lessons as fast as possible.

While you may be up to doing all of your in-class learning in one week, you shouldn’t schedule driving practice lessons every day. Instead, find a driving school that lets you space out your practice lessons so that you can practice with a qualified driver in between classes.

See If Completing the Driving Schools Will Get You a Discount on Your Insurance

Along with learning to drive with confidence, another reason to attend driving school is that it may qualify you for a discount on your car insurance. Check with your insurance company to see if the driving schools you are interested in can make you eligible for a discount on your insurance.

Visit the Driving School In-Person

While you can find out a lot of information about a driving school online, nothing beats an in-person visit. By visiting the driving school in person, you can get a better feel for what the instructors are like and if you would be happy there or not.

How can DriverX help you?

Are you looking for a better way to manage going to driving school? The DriverX app uses the latest trends by providing you with a technology-driven way to manage your courses and instructors.

These are all the great features the DriverX app can offer you when going to driving school:

  • You can use it to search for nearby instructors and driving schools.
  • You can pay digitally and select from a variety of payment methods.
  • You can book private lessons for specific skills you need to work on-like parallel parking.
  • You can easily contact your instructor through the app’s chat system..
  • You can rate your instructors and driving school.
  • You can monitor your progress towards completing your course.

With the DriverX app, you can easily find the right instructors and driving school for you and take advantage of digital technology to make the whole process easier and more effectivehelp your driving school move into the future and reach as broad a customer base as possible.

The Right Driving School Makes All the Difference

Whether you’ve wanted to drive for as long as you can remember, or you’ve recently moved to somewhere you really can’t count on public transit, the right driving school will make a world of difference in your confidence on the road.

When looking for a driving school, take the time to do your research. A driving school should offer you the flexibility that works with your schedule and comes strongly recommended, whether it’s from online reviews or via friends and family.

Are you looking to learn more about how the DriverX app can help your driving school? Call us at 647-459-2997 or contact us online.

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