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DriverX is a mobile app connecting driving students and driving instructors. If you’re learning to drive, DriverX can help you find:
To use the DriverX app, students must be certified as new drivers. You can select an instructor from registered DriverX users in your local area. After driving with an instructor you can rate them through the app, and either drive with them again or select a new driver.

Registering for DriverX

Becoming a driver on the DriverX app is a simple process.
You can sign up by following these steps:

  • Click the “signup” button
  • Choose either student or instructor
  • Fill in the required information
  • Select the type of driving lessons you require

You will need the number from your learner’s license, along with your address. This lets DriverX show you matches for instructors in your city, rather than province, or nation-wide.

Being matched in your city is one of the best things about DriverX. It reduces time waste and improves your chances of meeting an instructor who can help you throughout your learning experience.

Earn Your License With DriverX

DriverX takes a somewhat stressful experience and simplifies it for you. Finding instructors, making payments, and organizing your schedule with your driving school are all streamlined in the DriverX  app.

Forget juggling multiple platforms to find, book, and pay for a driving instructor. Select a full course, individual lessons, and practice sessions with a contracted instructor.

Ideal for New Drivers

Some of the benefits you can look forward to while using the DriverX app as a new driver include:

  • Picking Your Instructor
  • Pay Per Use Services
  • Certified as a BDE Course
  • Chatting With Your Instructor
  • Making Mobile Payments
  • Following Driving Progress
  • Viewing Instructor Credentials
Whatever your reason for choosing DriverX, you’ll find the support and tools you need to successfully become a fully licensed Canadian driver. Follow your driving dreams and user DriverX to set up and manage your driving lessons. Minimize time waste and create a budget that works for your lifestyle.

Why Our Online BDE Course Is Best

 is designed to help you pass a road test for your G2 license, we also help you become a fully licensed driver more quickly with our BDE course selection.
In Ontario, your G2 license comes with restrictions which allow you to drive, but don’t permit you the same freedoms as G license drivers. To remove the novice driver status from your license, you must either be a G2 license holder for one year or take a full driver’s education course, including 10-hours of instructed in-car lessons.

Drivers who complete the DriverX app to complete the BDE course receive advantages, such as:

  • Reduced Time as a Novice Driver – Using DriverX to complete your 10-hours of in-car lessons with a certified driving school shaves 4-months off your wait time to receive a full license.
  • Cheaper Insurance – Drivers who complete a certified Canadian driving school program, like the BDE, generally receive lower rates for insurance.
  • Confidence Behind the Wheel – New drivers deal with a lot of pressure on the road. Taking the BDE program through DriverX ensures you have the knowledge you need before you find yourself in a tricky situation.
  • More Practice – BDE driving courses promote skills and understanding needed to pass the road test. By taking an online BDE course through DriverX, you get the practice you need on the road to meet your test head-on and pass.
  • The Beginner Driver Education course requires 20 hours of in-class learning along with your 10-hours behind the wheel. The combination of these two learning methods offers all the information and practical training you need to hone your skills as a new driver.

You can also book individual private lessons through a contracted instructor, for more practice on the road.
Interested in learning more about DriverX, or booking a lesson through DriverX for yourself? We invite you to sign up and download the app today!

Meet the Founder and CEO,

Mr. Ali Malik

A Word from our CEO and Founder

Knowing this sector for many years, I felt like there was a gap and a need for innovation. Using a technology-based approach, I created DriverX to revolutionize the way students and instructors connect. I am committed to the future growth of this industry and am excited about the innovative ways DriverX will shape this industry.

Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit through the DriverX app.

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