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Driving Instructor App in Ontario

Working as a contracted driving instructor comes with a variety of stresses, including finding reliable clients.The DriverX app helps minimize these stresses by combining everything you need as a driving instructor into one easy-to-use tool.

DriverX is designed to streamline your approach to driver instruction by reducing the time you spend searching for clients and juggling schedules.

Sign Up for Your DriverX Account

The DriverX app is accessible from any mobile device, letting you connect to students and other driving instructors from anywhere with an internet connection. Signing up for a DriverX  account as an instructor is simple. To get started:
  • select “signup” from the top of the page
  • Choose whether you are a student or instructor
  • Fill in your personal information, including your instructor certification
  • Get started finding new driving students by updating your profile with your address

Benefits for Driving Instructors

DriverX helps driving instructors save time and money for a low cost of 10% of each booking. As you can set your own prices, this fee can be customized to fit your financial situation.

To become a DriverX driving instructor, you must be fully certified as a driving instructor, but you don’t need to be connected to a school. This means you can choose how much or how little you work within the 
platform, and whether you’ll share your income with a school, or grow your personal business.

Take Control of Your Business

The goal of DriverXbis to make your life easier and support business growth. To increase job positivity, we support local driving instructors with a convenient approach to student management.

You can organize a variety of factors impacting your finances and schedule, including:

Booking clients – Rather than chasing clients across multiple platforms, DriverX
puts everything in one easy-to-use place. Log in to your DriverX account and book clients at the touch of a screen.

Taking payments – Taking payments has never been easier than with DriverX. Use the app to take payments from driving students directly through your mobile phone.

Contacting students – The live chat feature on DriverX lets you keep up with changes in student schedules, and chat with driving students about their previous lessons.

Leaving student feedback – When a student has done well or needs to practice something more at home, leaving student feedback is a great way to let them know. Your feedback helps students improve their driving strategies for the next lesson and the road test.

Managing driving schedules – Managing your own schedule is one thing, but when you’re juggling multiple schedules, things get tricky. DriverX maps your schedule and your students’ schedules with ease.

Organizing booking requests – As students decide to book lessons with you, organize bookings by lesson type or schedule time.

How DriverX Works for You and Your Clients

DriverX  works on a pay-per-use basis. Rather than paying long-term for a package, your clients pay for each individual session. This is lucrative because you receive income from multiple directions with each booking you make. There’s always room to grow.

When your client decides to make a booking, they are provided with three options for dates and times. Your student can select a time, based on your availability, and wait for your approval.
When the scheduled date is approved by both student and instructor, you can track your bookings through the  DriverX app.

DriverX  is here to support you in organizing your students and schedules, but it’s also a tool for business growth. The review section of the  DriverX app encourages student interaction. This increases your visibility and value as an instructor online.

Growing your business is all about growing your brand. Brand visibility is a crucial part of this process, and one which  DriverX takes seriously

Get Paid Instantly

As a driving instructor, waiting for payment from multiple clients is stressful. DriverX supports mobile phone payments and lets clients pay you directly and instantly.

Receive your payment immediately following a booking (apart from the 10% charge paid to DriverX for our service).

Clients can see how much you charge and where to pay you from their mobile apps. You can update this information based on personal preference, or your driving school’s payment options (If you work under a driving school).

Get Discovered With DriverX

DriverXCold calling leads isn’t easy, and word of mouth marketing just isn’t what it used to be. Listing your driving services with the DriverX
app put you on the map, literally. Our app is designed to connect young drivers with local driving instructors. By listing yourself through DriverX you gain access to a significant pool of Ontario teens ready to hit the open road.

It’s important, as you setup your DriverX account, to include all the information your clients need to select you as a teacher based on your location and qualifications.

Completing your DriverXinformation page increases your chances of connecting with local students.

Interested in trying the DriverXapp for yourself? We invite you to sign up today

Meet the Founder and CEO,

Mr. Ali Malik

A Word from our CEO and Founder

Knowing this sector for many years, I felt like there was a gap and a need for innovation. Using a technology-based approach, I created DriverX to revolutionize the way students and instructors connect. I am committed to the future growth of this industry and am excited about the innovative ways DriverX will shape this industry.

Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit through the DriverX app.

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