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BDE Course in Ontario What is a BDE Course?

Beginners driver education, or BDE, is a driving course that is approved by the MTO (Ministry of Transportation). With DriverX students can finish the BDE course completely online, at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home.

Along with the 20 hours of digital instruction, students are required to complete 10 hours of online homework, which is integrated with the DriverX online course, as well as 10 hours of in-car lessons. DriverX is an all-in-one solution to earning your BDE certificate:
instantly book in-car lessons and take the course, all through the app.

What is a BDE certificate?

Students who complete a BDE course are eligible to collect a document which enables them to get a discount on their auto insurance. With the DriverX app, students can easily track their progress towards earning their certificate.

How do I get a BDE certificate?

After finishing the MTO approved DriverX BDE course, you will be certified with the MTO which means you can collect a document called a Driver License History from an Ontario Service Center.

Does BDE reduce insurance?

Once you collect your Driver License History document from an Ontario Service Center, you can then provide it as proof to your insurance company that you have completed an MTO approved course, making you eligible for a discount on your auto insurance. Since every insurer is different, the discount amount may vary, but the savings can be as high as 10%.

Is Driver's Ed Worth It?

DriverX As a parent, if you want to ensure your child will be well-prepared to not only take their road test, but to increase their safety behind the wheel, Driver’s Ed is certainly worth it.

With access to the DriverX Digital BDE course, students will learn key lessons about driving rules, regulations, safety and more. Coupled with in-car lessons from experienced instructors in your area, your child will be well on their way to becoming a confident and safe driver.

Meet the Founder and CEO,

Mr. Ali Malik

A Word from our CEO and Founder

Knowing this sector for many years, I felt like there was a gap and a need for innovation. Using a technology-based approach, I created DriverX to revolutionize the way students and instructors connect. I am committed to the future growth of this industry and am excited about the innovative ways DriverX will shape this industry.

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